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> I want to see his expression when he finds out he was delivered by 
> Bothari.
> Gwynne

I suspect, given the scene in Mirror Dance where he shows Mark the plaque in
the middle of the street, that he already knows.  I'm just surprised he
didn't say something about it in TWA (but then again, Barrayar hadn't been
written then).


NEW from JRJ> If Barrayar is even a bit prudish, Ivan might not have been
told about THAT bit.  Lady Alys might well have taken complete credit.
...Well, no, that's being cattish.  She gave Kou and Drou that cottage.  And
by all indications was Cordelia's most faithful friend, native guide and
sociopolitical resource.

The plaque indicated Padma's death, didn't it?  Not Ivan's birth, which was
some blocks away, inside some building.  So, while I wouldn't say you're
wrong, I'm not so certain.  Lady Alys wouldn't want it known that her
intimate parts were viewed by such.  If asked, she might say Cordelia helped
her - that's my guess.

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