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Natali Vilic natali.vilic at gmail.com
Thu Jan 13 17:09:15 GMT 2011

On Thursday, January 13, 2011 2:17 AM Gretchen Wright wrote:
> This article -- which is a bit long, but fascinating, was linked to
> from the
> wikipedia article:
> http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3874/is_200101/ai_n8939673/?tag
> =content;col1
> Executive summary: Hantavirus almost fits. In particular the signs
> point to
> a rodent vector, because the weather patterns in the specific years
> when the
> 'sweate' occurred would have favored a population surge of rodents.
> But, the
> epidemiological pattern of the 'sweate' also suggests human-to-human
> transmission (groups of people were all infected at the same time, and
> young
> adult males were most heavily hit suggesting that they passed it around
> in
> taverns). And human-to-human transmission has never been documented for
> hantavirus in modern times.
> Thanks for bringing up the topic -- I love stuff like this!
> Gretchen

Well, you're most welcome. 
The article was very interesting.
The conclusion is actually that it is a epidemic
that was never identified, neither were it's causes.
I find it really intriguing that it have ceased,
since the life conditions did not change. So, there
must be one or two missing puzzles. Could it have been
some early experiment in biological warfare that got 
out of hand, I wonder? 
After all, Henry's brother Arthur possibly have died of
the same sickness, thus making Henry the king...

prone to conspiracy theories

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