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Thu Jan 13 17:42:07 GMT 2011

> Joel said:
> > Given that one of his major concerns was that Miles' wife would
> > one day become Lady Vorkosigan... with Barrayaran prejudices, I
> > imagine that he was faintly appalled by Taura. 
elizabeth (I think) said:
>I don't think anyone would think marriage was in the picture, because it wasn't. If Miles wanted her to marry him, Taura might have loved the idea, because I think she loved him. But Miles didn't love her enough to even think of it; he was so aware of her status as a sort of - hybrid - I was going to say 'half-human', but that's not it - her status of hybrid, he didn't quite see her as an equal. Besides, there was the issue of Elli.

I would give Miles a bit more credit than that - as much as he loved creating the "fairytale princess" story for Taura, he (and she) would've known it wouldn't be sustainable in the long run.  As we saw in Winterfair Gifts, it wasn't even sustainable in the short run.  Taura would've been deeply unhappy in a role as Lady Vorkosigan in Barrayan - there would just be no way Miles could shelter her from the inevitable fall out, and Taura, at heart, was much more sensitive that, for example, Quinn would've been in that role.  
I think Miles' discretion in his affair with Taura was as much for her sake as for his own.  They were able to build their own private moments without worrying about what the rest of the universe thought. 		 	   		  

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