[LMB] Audio or visual?

Paula Lieberman paal at gis.net
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I'm having less and less tolerance for gratuitous use of British and British 
Empire accents for things which are NOT British Empire.  I'm finding it 
increasingly annoying and irritating and dissonant.

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Gwynne said:

I like it when the voice fits the content,

That is a big thing for me: I never even noticed the American accent when I
listened to Little Women, but two sentences into the same publishers 
of The Wind in the Willows I switched off and returned it to the library. 
English a story to be bearable in an American accent for me. On the other 
I could probably cope with virtually anything read well in a NZ accent. ie 
is how people in in the book would speak, and how everyone (around me) 
anything else may grate. This is of course ignoring the fact that UK, and US
have very considerable regional variations in accent...

Depends too on how specifically placed a book is. Wind in the Willows, Harry
Potter, Swallows and Amazons are all very British stories - they wouldn't
happen in the US - Little Women & Anne of Green Gables, are very North 
(US & Canada)- they wouldn't happen in the UK. Other books could happen 
much anywhere.


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