[LMB] something I missed the first million times through

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Thu Jan 13 19:04:09 GMT 2011

> From: jeffshultz at gmail.com
> > Interesting - it was probably Miles' report of this conversation that caused Barrayar to employ Quinn to go after Terrance-C in the first place.
> Did Barrayar do that - or did Miles simply have the Dendarii send her
> off on his own authority?

Seems an unlikely type of mission for Miles to take the initiative on, but regardless, the intellegence Miles got on Cetaganda resulted in the gene sample ending up in the hands of Barrayaran officials, who then asked Miles to get Canaba (or whatever the Jackson Whole scientist's name was) to work on it.  
So speaking of what ifs:
If Miles hadn't overheard the Star Creche conversation, then Canaba wouldn't have been liberated.  Both Taura and Nicole would've died on Jackson Whole.  The mystery of the memory chip sabatoge wouldn't have been solved.  Bel would not have ended up in Quaddie space, and Diplomatic Immunity would've gone differently.
Okay, I think my brain just went tilt.
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