[LMB] something I missed the first million times through

Becca becca_price at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 13 19:57:39 GMT 2011

--- On Thu, 1/13/11, Tracy A <greenlady31 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Seems an unlikely type of mission for Miles to take the
> initiative on, but regardless, the intellegence Miles got on
> Cetaganda resulted in the gene sample ending up in the hands
> of Barrayaran officials, who then asked Miles to get Canaba
> (or whatever the Jackson Whole scientist's name was) to work
> on it.

In Ethan of Athos, it's a plot point that Ellie has a contract from Jackson's Whole (not going to try to spell the Baron's name without my text near me!) - two people from Baron B- take out the Cetagandans, and rough Ellie up for a refund on the money she'd been paid to do the job.

Of course, it's also implied that she's on an intelligence project for Miles, as well.



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