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Thu Jan 13 22:53:47 GMT 2011

> From: "Paula Lieberman" paal at gis.net

> However, lots of people in -this- world have downsized out of ever-larger 
> McMansions into condos in places where cars are an inconvenience and 
> everything is within easy walking distance--and are RELIEVED to have the 
> convenience and the departure of the car, the large house, hoards/hordes of 
> possession, the dusting, etc.! Someone I know who moved from what wasn't 
> even a large I suspect house to a condo, seems to very much be enjoying her 
> new condo lifestyle. She's still using a car, but she takes walks in the 
> conservation land, talks to her new neighbors, etc., and doesn't seem to 
> miss being a house owner and house resident.

I'm thinking more of the immigrant/emigrant experience.

I know of quite a few families, mostly UK but also a lot of Italian and Greek, who
migrated to Australia, but nothing was as good as home so they finally returned 
to their home country. Only to find that things weren't quite the way they remembered
after all, and they then, at even more expense, came back to Australia. Or were
stuck regretting their move back 'home'.

In forty years Beta will have changed a bit, and also the way Cordelia remembers
things won't be quite the same as they were/are. She's adjusted more than she
realises to life on Barrayar, the woman runs a whole planet! Going 'home' to a 
tiny apartment, and a very different sort of life, will be a bigger wrench than I think
she realises. Going on what's been seen so often with other migrants, I imagine
some surprises for her while she's trying to adjust. Moving cultures is very 
different to just getting a different-sized home in the same culture, even the same

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