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Entwife Judy

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> If Barrayar is even a bit prudish, Ivan might not have been told about 
> THAT bit. Lady Alys might well have taken complete credit.
> ...Well, no, that's being cattish. She gave Kou and Drou that cottage. 
> And by all indications was Cordelia's most faithful friend, native 
> guide and sociopolitical resource.
> The plaque indicated Padma's death, didn't it? Not Ivan's birth, which 
> was some blocks away, inside some building. So, while I wouldn't say 
> you're wrong, I'm not so certain. Lady Alys wouldn't want it known 
> that her intimate parts were viewed by such. If asked, she might say 
> Cordelia helped her - that's my guess.
> Entwife Judy

I'm not sure I can imagine a conversation where Lady Alys explains the
details of his birth to Ivan. I think Ivan's brain would explode halfway
Mind you, Cordelia would discuss it quite happily. Now, imagine a dinner
party, and some stray comment leads to a remark by Cordelia about Bothari's
talent as a midwife...
Ohhh yesssssssssss.
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