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On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 9:54 AM, Paula Lieberman <paal at gis.net> wrote:
> However, lots of people in -this- world have downsized out of ever-larger
> McMansions into condos in places where cars are an inconvenience and
> everything is within easy walking distance--and are RELIEVED to have the
> convenience and the departure of the car, the large house, hoards/hordes of
> possession, the dusting, etc.!  Someone I know who moved from what wasn't
> even a large I suspect house to a condo, seems to very much be enjoying her
> new condo lifestyle.  She's still using a car, but she takes walks in the
> conservation land, talks to her new neighbors, etc., and doesn't seem to
> miss being  a house owner and house resident.

I'm curious to know others anecdotes etc. with this type of move.
Here in the Boston area, there is a company that specializes in
helping with "downsizing" moves.

My parents considered doing this in the mid-1990s.  They had a house
in San Diego and were finding the upkeep time-consuming and physically
more difficult than they really wanted to deal with.  They looked at
condos in the Hillcrest area (which was gentrifying at the time and
developing into a very walkable neighborhood) and had no luck.  They
wanted an elevator building with wheelchair-accessible units (neither
was using a wheelchair but my mom was looking to the future), with
secure car parking, and being able to keep the cat (plus a pal) was
essential.  The cat was the biggest stumbling block as most places
would not allow any pets!

After a few months of this, they figured out what they really wanted,
which was to stay in the house.  What they needed was a gardener, and
a once-a-week housecleaning service, and they certainly could afford
it.  They stayed put, happily, and it was actually the cleaners who
called 911 when my mom was having the brain aneurysm that ended up
killing her a few days later.  Dad stayed put another year, moved to a
retirement community, rented the house, and remarried, moved back to
the house a couple of times (long story there...) and finally sold it
just after the market peaked.

Now, in the current housing bust, I've heard of a number of cases of
older people who would love to do the house-to-condo move, but can't
get their house sold and are "stuck" there.

My husband and I are pretty much settled, because of some of the very
odd and space-consuming... stuff he has, and because of my rattery (no
condo complex would allow a rattery!)  I can see us hiring helpers
over time, and would hire cleaners *tomorrow* if my husband gave the
OK, but he doesn't like "strangers" in the house.


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