[LMB] Barrayaran political reform

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> "Council of Ministers" sounds very much like "Cabinet" to me:  the individuals who administer the government of Barrayar in the name of the Emperor, led by a Prime Minister.  In the UK, those individuals are members of the House of Commons and part of the Government (single MPs are not, to my knowledge).  In the USA, those individuals are appointed by the President and approved by the Senate.  I have no way of knowing what exists in Barrayar beyond an office of Prime Minister and a Council of Counts.

There are, last we heard, 15 ministers, each with a specific
portfolio. They do not appear to be elected representatives, they seem
to be direct Imperial appointees who run the civil service (and
probably come from the civil service, for the most part). They have
chains, like Miles as Auditor, and they're a mix of Vor and non-Vor
Barrayaran men. The Prime Minister is the man who can maintain a
working governmental majority in the Counts and Ministers.

The civil service itself looks like it's closely allied to the
military, with veterans given preference for posts there. These
veterans, of course, are also primarily male and Barrayaran.

Barrayaran political parties look like shifting alliances between
hereditary nobles and career bureaucrats (with the military also
holding some power but being officially apolitical). No elections.
Public participation in Imperial-level government doesn't seem to be
allowed or desired by the protagonists.


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