[LMB] Timeline questions

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 16 01:47:35 GMT 2011

There was a link to a timeline posted here a while ago. Very handy, and 
many thanks for it. But as I checked it the other day to see about fitting
a possible fanfic into place, I noticed how a few of the dates relate.

Xav must have been a phenomenally fast worker.
According to the timeline, the ToI ended in 2703, or thereabouts.

Aral was born in 2727.
So in 24 years Xav went offworld as ambassador to Beta, met and married
his Betan wife, had at least three children, and the eldest daughter grew up, 
married Piotr, and had at least her first two sons (assuming the daughter
was younger than Aral).
Not impossible, but fast work! 


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