[LMB] Komarr and Rho Ceta (map)

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 16 04:44:15 GMT 2011

> From: Jeff Shultz jeffshultz at gmail.com

> I wonder if perhaps the Barryarans had been planetbound so long they
> couldn't conceive of holding part of a system without holding the
> inhabited planet as well?
> Also, from a frankly strategic POV, a planet would provide a base to
> reconquer the the wormhole you hold. If you hold it, it's a jumping
> off point to control all the other wormholes in the system.
I think also, they wanted to be SURE this time. They suffered horrendously
and were determined that it wouldn't happen again. As long as you hold
Komarr your back is safe. Nobody in the Nexus seems to care at all about
Komarr being taken over - although the old resistance leaders spread far
and wide, there's no sign at all of any offers of support from any other 
If they'd left Komarr and just taken the wormholes, there'd always be a
problem if Komarr tried to make alliances elsewhere - even the Cetas?
After all, they'd got into bed with them once already. To their profit.

> On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 11:50 PM, Tel <teldreaming at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I should be translating Russian right now, so this is a bit quick and
> > dirty. But I've been wanting to sketch something like this out for a
> > good while, in response to all the people who claimed that Barrayar
> > holding the Komarr end of their route was meaningless if they didn't
> > hold Komarr itself.
> >
> > Which is not really true - unfettered access to your Nexus connection
> > is all you really need as a cul-de-sac. Once you have that, nothing's
> > stopping you from trading independently with any ship passing through,
> > and you can raid commerce or the hub planet itself at will if they
> > annoy you or try to cut your trade off.

I was thinking about this, and wondered how it's all that different from the
invasion, in practical terms. Sitting overhead with several dozen warships all
ready to unleash hell if Komarr does anything they don't like - how is that, 
effectively, all that different from invading them, leaving their entire government
structure in place, and taking over their foreign policy? At least this way the 
warships are guarding Komarran shipping, and improving trade, instead of
being used against Komarrans. And the grassroots Komarrans have the same
degree of freedom that they had to start with, since Komarr wasn't a democracy
anyway. In fact, there's probably more opportunities for non-elite Komarrans
under Barrayar than there ever were in the days of full-on Oligarchy. Also, this
 way the Komarrans would get no share at all of the money from the
 wormhole fees. 
Not sure I see any advantage. 

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