[LMB] Komarr and Rho Ceta (map)

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Mon Jan 17 02:07:35 GMT 2011

> From: Peter Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net

> At 01:44 AM 1/16/2011, Gwynne Powell wrote:
>The Cetas apparently sneaked up on Barrayar fairly effectively. In fact, they seem 
> >to do that quite a bit.
> And one wonders why? An isolated, backward (in Galactic terms) world? I can't remember anything in canon to explain just why?
> Regards, Pete

Can't be sure, but I have some guesses:
* Practice. The dominant culture among Ghem men is military, they need
opportunities to earn promotion and glory. A newly-discovered world, few
allies yet, little known, would be an easy, tempting target, especially if they'd
started to run out of opportunities for conquest on other borders. Easy pickings.
A culture geared to military activity needs constant conquest. 

* Preparation. Komarr was on their list for conquest, it's a really tempting
target that would be under consideration. If they held two of the wormholes
around it they might have some strategic advantage. And Komarr's
 cooperation in the conquest of Barrayar would suggest, to the rest of the Nexus, 
that there was already some relationship between Cetaganda and Komarr, so 
there'd be less chance of outside help for Komarr. Besides, Komarr would then
 be, technically, within their borders and that might also tend to turn any help
* Politics. Some pressure was building up within the Cetagandan empire, and a 
nice little war is a good distraction. Brave action, heroic stories, medals and 
rewards all round, a bit of excitement, and all those restless, ambitious types 
can be shipped off to be the new government in their latest acquisition. A nice
war and then a lot of opportunities for promotion makes a useful safety valve.
* Personal (I'll have to run out of 'p' words soon!) This wasn't an Imperial action,
it was put together by a small faction who wanted a chance to prove themselves.
Some of the reasons above - glory, rewards, ambition - apply, but it was done on
the initiative of private individuals/a small section of the military, rather than by
the Ceta government as a whole.

Any or all of these could explain the invasion. Or something totally different, of 

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