[LMB] Komarr and Rho Ceta (map)

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> At 09:07 PM 1/16/2011, Gwynne Powell wrote:
> >* Preparation. Komarr was on their list for conquest, 
Peter> But they didn't occupy Komarr, they just went through Komarr to
Barrayar. The reason that Barrayar annexed Komarr was to control access to
Barrayar at the Komarr junction.

> Regards, Pete

Gwynne>Well yes, but their cunning plan rather depended on them actually
taking Barrayar. It was probably, "We'll mop up those primitive nobodies,
and then we can get to Komarr. We'll be home by Christmas."
Trust the Barrayarans to mess up their plans.

NEW from JRJ> Seems to me the shirtsleeve planet Barrayar would be
considered more valuable than unterraformed Komarr, and anyway you wouldn't
dare leave angry Barrayar in your rear and settle down to occupy Komarr.

Ceteganda must have considered outright conquest to be a lot more
advantageous than trade relations with both planets.  Didn't study history?
Or what?

Entwife Judy
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