[LMB] A Civil Campaign

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Tue Jan 18 03:31:16 GMT 2011

I was talking about the fairy tale ending (i.e., no story after "and they ended happily ever after") with regard to Cordelia and Ekaterin, and Joel said:

> She was of some significance in _Mirror Dance_.

Sure.  She has a role. But it's not her story.  She isn't the viewpoint.  She's someone who appears in someone else's story.  We know - or at least, I take it on faith - that her story continues: she is busy ruling Sergyar with Aral and having any number of adventures. But we haven't seen *her* story since "Barrayar", thirty years ago and more.
> True.  But consider Ekaterin's thoughts at the end of the
> book about how if she and Miles had met ten years earlier, it
> probably wouldn't have worked out very well -- at the time, their
> paths would have been at cross purposes. 

I' not sure they still weren't. But she's probably right: they were different people then.  And she wasn't a tall, dark-haired warrior woman of the type Miles liked.

> It seems to be only
> fairly recently that Ivan has been looking for a long-term
> relationship.

It seems that Ivan has been avoiding a long-term relationship all this time.  Why?  I can think of reasons.  I don't know if they're the real reasons, i.e., the ones Lois has in mind.  But it seems that Ivan is one of these people who (wisely) live in the present - until suddenly they wake up and see how all that time, and the bulk of their lives, have gone by already.


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