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> Sheer relief, I think, shared by all the heirs. 

That he's likely to have children now, to stand firmly between them and the Imperium?  Yes, indeed.  Not that the situation is foolproof but it's just that much better.

> It's complex - Gregor is a foster son, the son of the man
> he killed, his emperor and commander, liege lord, friend, and the only
> other person who knows what it's like to carry the load of the
> empire. But above all, I do believe he cares for him, there's a strong
> family feeling between them all.

I'm not sure we've ever actually seen it, but yes, I agree.

> > 2. Did Cordelia cry at the wedding?
> > 
> Too busy having fun. And thinking about the grandchildren
> to come.


> With a large cast of characters, nobody (except Miles) is
> centre stage  for very long.

Yes. Precisely what I mean.  It becomes his story. We only get glimpses of her - her story is no longer being told.

> But we do hear about her, in Cryoburn
> there's a list of all her activities, I'm amazed she's got the time and
> energy for it all.

Yes. But it's like telling us, while Jack goes hunting beanstalks, that the Princess is working on a new Constitution and has taken up astronomy.  We don't get the story, because it isn't being told - *that* fairy tale has come to an end for the reader.

> Yes yes yes yes yes!!! And Laisa, too - I want to see how
> she's getting on as Empress.

And how Gregor is getting on as Husband.

Ivan and Miles:
> To me, that was such a turning-point moment.

To Ivan, too, I think.

> Byerly gets more interesting the more we see of him.

I am thrilled we will be seeing still more of him, and hope he isn't just a catalyst for the beginning of the action.

> Olivia is the sweet, quiet one. Who can, without
> hesitation, crack a man's head like a watermelon.

I thought that was all of them. [g]

> I need convincing on that, though the poem to Ekaterin is
> glorious.

I liked that, but what I liked even more was Miles' jealousy and his panicked ruminations on whether he should take up poetry too, to compete with Enrique.  Oh Miles, Miles... at least the man knows his own limitations.  Well, occasionally.

> Poor Ivan, everyone else is pairing off and he's starting
> to panic.  Of course, there's high hopes for the Ivan book....

We shall see. I predict things will get worse for him before they get better.

> I loved the military campaign to win her - it did sort of
> work,  after all she was very attracted to him. 

And she came to know him rather well, warts, hyperactive gittishness, and all.

> He just needed to keep
> his mouth shut to everyone else, which Miles could never
> do...

After all those years in ImpSec!

> I love ACC for the story itself, and also for the view of
> life in Vorbarr Sultana. And for Miles learning and (sort of)
> maturing.

Yes. All those things.

I loved Lord Vorhalas' role, too.


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