[LMB] A Civil Campaign

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Tue Jan 18 04:29:42 GMT 2011

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> Ivan, who was so determined not to let his mother run his life, was letting Lord Vorwillie do it instead. Elena can tell you that Lord Vorwillie had no conscience and no respect for maidenhood - and apparently no fear of homicidal and overprotective fathers.

Ivan and Miles are both perilously close to the throne. Miles with his
physical problems would be counted out by many conspirators, Ivan
would not. 

Even so, Miles had to invent a different personality and go off-planet
to really let himself shine. 

Ivan didn't have that safety valve. Miles kept his 'Lord Vorkosigan' 
persona very blank by living his real life elsewhere. Ivan kept his
public identity very blank and harmless by putting all his energy into
just one part of his life.
But oh wow did he do that well. 
Avoiding marriage was partly due to his undeclared war of independence
with Alys, but Gregor did exactly the same. They both held out while they
waited for the right girl to come along. Ivan just did a lot of auditions along
the way.
Ohhhh I'm hoping that Ivan really gets to SHINE in the Ivan book. The
reward for a job well done is a harder job, and after ACC Ivan has really
done well, and Gregor has that gleam in his eye as Ivan flees from the 
Council chambers... I wonder what Ivan's next job will be?

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