[LMB] A Civil Campaign

Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 18 15:00:09 GMT 2011

Elizabeth Holden wrote:
> I wondered why Aral wept at Gregor's funeral and Judy R. Johnson  wrote:
> > Comments by Entwife Judy - $0.02 = Sheer relief at having
> > gotten to this point?? That neurasthenic git was the focus of most of
> > Aral's professional life for decades, and a good deal of his private
> > life.? The knot of worry undoing itself in Aral's belly must have
> > been of epic proportions.? Of course he cried.
> Worry that he might never marry, you mean? Worry that he'd never make it
> to responsible adulthood? I'm not sure how much has really changed in
> Gregor's life except the personal aspects of companionship, happiness,
> love and ties to the future. Which is a lot, of course. But it doesn't
> affect his role as Emperor, or Aral's role as the Emperor's Viceroy
> and Count.

It's been pointed out a number of times that Gregor carries a very
heavy load of responsibility.  Having a close companion, for emotional
support, happiness, the prospect of having a family, all that stuff,
makes a big difference in his likely ability to keep doing the job and
remain sane and stable and grounded.


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