Agnes Charrel-Berthillier agnes at charrel.net
Wed Jan 19 00:22:29 GMT 2011

On 1/18/11 4:05 PM, Damien Sullivan wrote:
> Anyway, lots of fanfic potential in the more mundane details of
> Cordelia's adjustment.  How did a proud egalitarian adjust to having a
> horde of scurrying servants?  Did she upset things by trying to treat
> them as equals?  Does she still feel a hidden twinge of guilt when she
> pulls "I *own* you" on some District doctor?)

She probably just thought of them as part of the chain of command and 
herself as the captain of that specific ship. I don't see her having 
that many problems adapting in _Barrayar_. And the Vorkosigan household 
is not that formal.

I am puzzled about the part readin "as equals". Servants are employees, 
not backward children. Respect them as professionals (and be a humane 
boss) and there is nothing about the relationship that should be 
disturbing. You mention the maid at your friends' and it just blows my 
mind. Do you volunteer to do the dishes in restaurants? Do you vacuum 
your office?

As for the "I own you"... That's what I love about Cordelia. She knows 
what words will get her results, always. And after all that bitching 
about Barrayarans!(tm)... she has become more one of them than she is 
aware of!


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