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On Jan 18, 2011, at 8:31 AM, Amelia Edwards wrote:

> What kind of gal does Ivan need for a wife anyway?
> I can't imagine him going for anyone who's too take-charge, but I can't see
> him being happy with an "ordinary" girl, Vor or otherwise. Maybe a
> counterpart who seems to be a bubblehead at first glance but has hidden
> depths?
--- On Tue, 1/18/11, Howard Brazee <howard at brazee.net> wrote:

> Someone competent at least.   May be in something that he doesn't compete
> in.

I am suddenly getting flashes of the Booth/Bones partnership from the TV series 'Bones', and you know, I don't think it's such a bad fit.  Booth is very intelligent and very competent, but compared with the rest of the team he is practically a dim bulb, and the team do tend to treat him as a bit of a lackey, but at the same time do, in their own ways, do their best to express their care for him; and while the Booth/Bones relationship is not sexual it is extremely intimate and intense, and IMHO that's the sort of thing Ivan needs, much more than simple sex.
(Explanation: 'Bones' is a forensic crime investigation show, a la 'CSI' etc; FBI Special Agent Booth is the FBI in Washington DC's liaison to the scientific testing division of the Smithsonian; Dr. Temperance Brennan [referred to by Booth as 'Bones', for both her specialised forensic area and her fondness for the same] is a scientist in that division. 'Bones' is probably best noted for the fact that of all the ensemble characters, only Booth is not socially dysfunctional to at least some degree [they run the gamut from simple nerdishness to functional paranoia to what looks like a case of full-blown Asperger's], and Booth is the one treated like an outsider.)
I think that if we put Ivan in that situation - the conduit/guardian/translator to the outside world for a person/group of people who have skills to share but who need an interpreter to get them across, and would appreciate and care for their interpreter - he'd probably bloom.
(Am I really weird for thinking that Ivan doesn't need a lover as much as he needs a no-nonsense supportive-but-honest best friend?)  

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