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Ivan is ALSO hiding from the line of succession. remember LMB's excellent
posting on how close he is to being considered an imperial candidate ("Dorca
Vorbarra (emperor) had at least two sons, the younger of which was named
Xav. Prince Xav Vorbarra (diplomat) married an unnamed Betan woman
(presumably a diplomat or diplomatic attache) and had at least two
daughters, one of which was named Olivia. (The other, whose name we don't
know, married Lord Vorpatril and had Padma Vorpatril, who married Alys and
fathered Ivan.") Remember his famous line "saunter away quietly, that was
the ticket.". Ivan is no coward, he just doesn't want to be the focus of a
new vor uprising.

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>  However, someone somewhere out in the Nexus does, and I think Cordelia
>> can give her chapter and verse on what to expect. Not through marriage to
>> Aral, but because she probably had a few Enriques in her survey crew.
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