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>Royce wrote -

>"It could be worse," Kareen put in cheerfully. "How do you think you'd look in a House cadet's uniform of chartreuse and scarlet, like poor
Vorharopulos, Mark?"

Chartreuse and scarlet! Ouch! Now I just have to find a way to fit
poor Vorharopoulos into the story just for the color combination (I
didn't even know there was a Vorharopoulos).
I will remain convinced that the original Count Vorharopoulos who picked those colours suffered (as many human males do) from red/green colour blindness, especially after some kind soul here on the list found and pointed me at a website that duplicates what the sufferer of that problem actually sees, for the female and unaffected eye, and to the colour-blind scarlet and chartreuse is actually a very nice and soothing dark-brown and creamy-beige combo.


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