[LMB] NTITN: We Have Force Shiels, Keptein!

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The mini-mag - wd it protect against disruptions from attack on electronics
such as with military communications?

Entwife Judy

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precis: In the fictional world, force shields are a Purple Plot Device that
protect the ships and people from Bad Things like phasers, photon torpedoes,
and Vogon Tax Collectors. But in the Real World, we have no such animals to
protect our fragile spacecraft when they venture out into the void. While we
don't currently have to worry about phasers or Vogons (yet!) we do have to
worry about solar flares (Coronal Mass Ejections, wiki:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coronal_mass_ejection ) which can put out
enough radiation to kill any spacecraft and its crew even on a short hop to
the moon. But now some researchers have found a way to protect against CME's
radiation in a cheap and effective way. *Rocket Ship Gallileo,* here we

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