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> where in tvc does say dorca's colors were red and blue?
> searching royce
The Concordance.
"Vorbarra, Dorca: The father of Yuri and Xav Vorbarra by different
 mothers and kinsman of Ezar, he is known as Dorca the Just. He 
ended the period of internal strife on Barrayar during the Time of
 Isolation, uniting the counts under one imperial banner. When the 
Time of Isolation ended, he was the Barrayaran Emperor as the 
Barrayaran/Cetagandan war broke out. He promoted twenty-two
-year-old Piotr Vorkosigan to the rank of general for his guerrilla 
campaign in the Dendarii Mountains. Aral thinks his father was spared
 during Yuri Vorbarra's Massacre because Piotr wasn't blood-related 
to Dorca. His house colors are red and blue. (All except FF)"
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