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>> > Quoting Damien Sullivan <phoenix at ugcs.caltech.edu>:
>> > Considering that JW's got about a thousand years' worth of technology we
>> > don't have, I'd be surprised if they didn't have much better health-care.
>> > I can think of a whole bunch of things (effortless weight control, forex)
>> > that would make me a very wealthy man if I had
>> Mark though did NOT have effortless weight control....
> But that was by a deliberate choice. First Galen's, who wanted another way
> to torture him. Then he wanted to differentiate himself from Miles.
> He could easily be any shape he chose. Possibly even get a bit more height.
> But he's chosen the size and shape he wants.
> I wonder what it'd be like to have a trip to Jackson's Whole.

It's mentioned in-canon (in _Mirror Dance,_ if memory serves) that  
Mark could go to a clinic and have his weight adjusted to whatever he  
wanted.  That technique, as I've mentioned, would make me an extremely  
wealthy person if I had it for sale here-and-now.

And I'd love a visit to Jackson's Whole, particularly if they would  
sell me some diplomatic credentials so that my, er, "souvenirs"  
wouldn't be taken off me at the next planet I visited.  When we do the  
"Barrayar or Bust" tour, I wanna hit Jackson's Whole _before_ we go to  
Beta...without those diplomatic creds, they'd drag me straight off to  
therapy, and I'd never, never, never get out.

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