[LMB] OT: Cloned Mammoths Coming Soon, Order Yours Now!

Kevin Kennedy kevink45 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 19 19:28:31 GMT 2011

Shearing seems to be a separate contest here. Each team has to provide it's own fleece, looking at the rules, it seems they can wash it ahead of time.  The loom is already strung with yarn spun by the team.  They've got 4 hours to card&spin enough for the weft, and weave the shawl in 4 hrs.  Size is 20-22"x76-78"  Oh and the teams get to keep the proceeds, when the shawls are auctioned. That's on top of prize money that goes with the winner's ribbons.
> On Jan 19, 2011, at 10:03 AM, Kevin Kennedy wrote:
> > Several new careers/ crafts here.  Mammoth groomer, mammoth clipper, mammoth herder, etc.  The Indiana State Fair has a Sheep to Shawl contest(There are probably others) where teams compete to card and spin wool, then weave the yarn into shawls, which are auctioned off as a fundraiser.  Somebody's bound to try something like this with mammoth wool.
> I do NOT want to be the one/one of those shearing the mammoth.
> The Sheep to Shawl contests that I hear about start with shearing. Certainly any Navajo StoS will!
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