[LMB] A Civil Campaign

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What does Beta do to geeks? Considering their reputation for high tech, I'd
say Beta hires them at high salaries and gives them a free hand in the lab.

NEW from JRJ> Enrique was Escobaran.  Escobar got the plasma mirrors from
Beta...  Guess it's possible Beta has more enlightened policies toward
geeks, than does Escoabar, who put him in jail.  Not saying he didn't have
it coming, but good policy would have smoothed his path.  Martya will see to
it, in Barraryar, using her Vor connections if necessary.  If Barrayar is
too stuffy, they could go to Sergyar and set up the scientific establishment
to suit.  ...Yee-esss ... Martya as Minister of - no, wait, she'd run into
conflict of interest accusations (probably justified).  

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