[LMB] OT: Cloned Mammoths Coming Soon, Order Yours Now!

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The polar ice caps are melting.  I can just hear the thoughts of the first
mammoth who comes back:  "Damn, it sure got warm in the last 50,000 years.
And me with no way to take off my coat."

NEW from JRJ> Circuses and zoos would use a blowtorch to singe off the
domestic elephant's hair (just wave it nearby, not burn the skin).  But
Mammoths have too much wool for that.

Actually, do they have enough evidence to say if their whatever was wool,
fur, hair like the haut, or what?  So is the name, "wooly" ok?  (Had to look
that up, and turns out the British usage is "wooley" which explains why I
was all confused.)  Or "wooley" - which is used in scientific taxonomy,

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