[LMB] Apologies and some OT personal stuff

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I am extremely glad I own a washing machine, several pair of loose pajama pants, and a drawer full of rags kept in the bathroom right under the tp drawer. [Normally used for feline cleanup.] And of course a shower.


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> >><G>  But just try to follow "The Girl Who Played With Fire." Or even the nightly newscast! Which actually broke for commercials as often as I needed to break, but more regularly.
> >Actually I now categorically refuse any form of liquiprep/oral preparations for clearing out my nether regions after suffering seriously horrid reactions to them on 3 separate occasions. When one can't stop cr at pping ones brains out for a week after ingestion properly according to directions, there is *something frelling wrong with my bodys reaction to the chemicals. I will do a 3 day liquid fast with enemas before I ever do that garbage ever again and my doctors get informed of that fact right up front. It is easier dealing with 3 days of crappy blood glucose readings than trying to balance my meds vs the worst case of the runs for a week.
> The liquiprep for my colonoscopy required I drink a glass of this stuff every 45 minutes.  The fits glass acted, explosively, after 20 minutes, and I was unable to get the second glass on time, still being in the bathroom.  I complained later to the doctor, and he told me it usually didn't act that fast.  As it happened, I was in the kitchen when the explosion happened, and getting to the bathroom was a terrible experience.  You can't just not!
> He put me to sleep for the actual procedure, and I had several color photos of the inside of my colon to take home with me (I threw them away, of course, as I have no interest in getting another procedure).
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