[LMB] A Civil Campaign

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I suspect that selling 500% of your company would be considered antisocial
behavior even on Beta.

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> What does Beta do to geeks? Considering their reputation for high tech,
> say Beta hires them at high salaries and gives them a free hand in the
> ====================================
> NEW from JRJ> Enrique was Escobaran. Escobar got the plasma mirrors from
> Beta... Guess it's possible Beta has more enlightened policies toward
> geeks, than does Escoabar, who put him in jail. Not saying he didn't have
> it coming, but good policy would have smoothed his path. Martya will see
> it, in Barraryar, using her Vor connections if necessary. If Barrayar is
> too stuffy, they could go to Sergyar and set up the scientific
> to suit. ...Yee-esss ... Martya as Minister of - no, wait, she'd run into
> conflict of interest accusations (probably justified).
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