[LMB] Counts' colors

Katrina Allis k.m.allis at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 06:37:20 GMT 2011

On 20 January 2011 17:47, Meg Justus <mmegaera at nwlink.com> wrote:

> So, if you were choosing your house colours, what would you want?
National sports team colours have already gone (black and silver); local
sports team colours don't appeal (gold and black).  My ultimate frisbee club
has a variety of strips, mostly fluro and black - orange, yellow, green,
dark blue, light blue, maroon, pin, red and probably some others that I've

If the chatreuse was the accent colour, rather than the main colour, it
could look quite striking and vivid.   I really like the contrast of certain
shades of green and red together - particularly a dark forest green, and a
vivid scarlet or a rust, for example.

Yes, I'll take that - forest green and rust red, I think.


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