[LMB] Other forms of democracy

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 20 08:13:12 GMT 2011

> From: "Jean Lamb" tlambs1138 at charter.net

> One form of democratic was mentioned in passing in MOON IS A HARSH MISTRESS 
> and actually utilized in THE PROBABILITY BROACH--people who are bored with 
> politics and meetings sign on with a 'proxy' who would represent them. With 
> recent mobile phone technology, it would be relatively easy to shift to 
> another proxy that you liked better (or bought you booze, another fine old 
> election tradition). This way, people would be represented by someone they 
> actually agreed with, and representatives' votes could be weighted by the 
> number of their hangers-on. Even the most exciting um, niches, could easily 
> have a representative, and with observers from WikiLeaks it's doubtful that 
> backroom deals would remain secret for very long. Reps could tweet, 'I'm 
> planning on voting for Bill Number Whatsit, it has a bunch of money for a 
> new bird sanctuary, y'all with me?" to his or her fellow Audobon fanatics. 
> This would be an interesting shift to the representation by living district, 
> which as we all see leaves out a number of people in each district.
> This could (boldly moving the topic to ObBujold) explain how Steady Freddy 
> got elected; nobody would admit to voting for him because he represents the 
> Orb--oh, wait, that wouldn't work, sending out 'blackmail' pictures would 
> only result in demand for 8 X 10 colored glossies. But I'm sure he could 
> have a constituency that might find it um...interesting explaining just 
> _why_ they voted for him.
> Jean Lamb
That has some interesting possibilities, so long as you don't end up with Justin
Bieber as Prime Minister.


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