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If the available colours and/or the principles on which they are combined
are in any way based on traditional western heraldry, the colours/metals
(yellow & white are considered to be gold & silver) are limited and combined
precisely to prevent those kind of problems.  The usual rule is a colour on
a metal or a metal on a colour.


On 20 January 2011 16:09, Kevin Kennedy <kevink45 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> If color choice took place during the TOI, there may have been
> technological limitations on the number of colors available.  Also, since
> you possibly want to be able to tell groups apart and in a hurry, you don't
> want one group in oh, dark pumpkin orange, and their mortal enemies in
> bittersweet orange. One bad dye lot and you end up slaughtering your own
> side during the next war.. Of course there's always bad taste and color
> blindness to add to the confusion.
> >
> > But - apropos of the whole whole conversation that some colours were used
> up and some counts who came towards the end took ghastly colours - this
> puzzles me. There are only 60 Vor houses, 60 Counts.  There are a lot of
> colours which can be used in combination.  Seems to me it adds up to far,
> far more than 60 combination, even if you just stick to colours that look
> really good together.  Besides, blue with silver trim is different from
> silver with blue trim.  So the reps of some houses simply had no taste?
> >
> > And who adjudicated this, anyway? If there are restrictions, surely it
> didn't just grow.  So some Emperor said, "Thou shalt not repeat any colour
> combination, even in different shades?"
> >
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> > elizabeth
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