[LMB] Brain Damage For Ivan?

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On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 10:06:12AM -0800, Royce McDaniels wrote:
> The capital city was apparently quite large. Textev 1:


> We *also* have textev that Old Earthe is still the most populated human
> world so far. Given that the US (and perhaps China since it is never


> mentioned, Tung retires to Brazil, and India since the Patrils
> immigrated to flinking barrayar!) have been partially or fully
> devasted by nuclear war, we can assume Earthe's population is well
> under current levels. My guess is 2 billion for Earth, 2/3 of which
> are in South America and the rest in

This goes far too far.  The only place we have nuke evidence for is the
US.  Other places not getting mentioned doesn't mean much; we're far
from having had a census.  Patrils on Barrayar... have you noticed the
immigration to the UK these days?  Indian names on an English colony is
not surprising.

And even if you wiped out everyone in US, China, and India, today that
would be less than half the population, leaving nearly 4 billion on

I'd assume a population comparable to today's, or even up toward 10
billion, until Lois says something.

She has. Well, Elli has, in BiA. :)
"From my point of view their method looked like it came awfully damn close 
to working," she remarked. "It suggests, though, that opportunity might have 
been their limiting factor. I mean, Admiral Naismith doesn't just go into 
hiding when you go downside, tricky as it would be to find one man among 
nine billion. He literally ceases to exist anywhere, zip! There was evidence 
these guys had been hanging around the shuttleport for some days waiting for 


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