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Royce McDaniels roycemcdaniels158 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 01:06:17 GMT 2011

it's barrayar, what are you thinking. OF COURSE it's bloodsoaked and
violent. Remember glen close from The Lion In Winter: "It's the Middle Ages
and we all carry daggers. OF COURSE we're barbarians." same concept,
different planet.

refusing to have his historically speculative fun spoiled royce
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> Orrr....
> D) Some few centuries ago Lady Vorhartung, last of the Vorhartungs, married
> the impoverished Lord Vorbarra.  Vorhartung Castle was a much grander
> residence than the threadbare Vorbarra House, so Lord Vorbarra moved in with
> his bride rather than the other way around.  Upon her death, her son and
> heir, a Vorbarra, took possession of his mother's properties, including her
> (and thus his as her son) ancestral home.  Fast-forward to the unification
> of Barrayar under Dorca and by that time Vorhartung Castle is the ancestral
> home of the Vorbarras, so of course that's where he rules from.
> It doesn't *have* to be blood-soaked and violent, y'know...
> Raye

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