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OOH thanks for the links, I'll be spending time with those.  I don't blame you for wanting a silver dapple, the picture looks VERY nice.

> > 
> It's less about the shade of brown than about the accessorizing--bays have black manes and tails and lower legs, chestnuts' manes and tails are the same color as their coats or lighter.  Sorrel is just another word for chestnut.  
> That said, you can then get into more details about shades--like blood bay or liver chestnut--and there are other horse colors that could also count as brown (like dun, and the spectacular chocolate silver dapple (for example, http://www.gypsycobsaustralia.com.au/silver-dapple-gypsy-stallion.htm ).  Wikipedia, of course, has a thorough discussion of horse colors -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equine_coat_color.  
> Katherine, lusting after a silver dapple Icelandic gelding that's for sale not far from here.


oh yeah, <sarcasm>thanks a bunch...</sarcasm>

don't need horses again.

sometimes I miss them, though


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