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I got trapped in the hospital unexpectedly a few years ago.  I stopped at
the bookstore on my way in, and grabbed enough books by my favorite authors
to last for 3 days (3 Harry Turtledover AU books in series of his I was
interested in).  Unfortunately, it was a 6-day stay, and I had read all my
books and all the magazines in the hospital gift shop -- well, not all.  I
was not going to read People or some drivel like that.  By the middle of day
#4, I grabbed some poor resident by his tie and hissed at him that if he
didn't get me some medical journals to read (I've been a medical
transcriptionist for 25 years), that I was going to go so crazy, they'd have
to sedate me and put me in 4-point restraints.  I ended up learning quite a
lot about the latest advances in infectious disease.

NEW from JRJ> My cousin is a sincere Christian Scientist, so when I was in
the hospital in Geneva for over a month, she was exhibiting real heroism
when she showed up in the hospital every couple of days with library books
for me - SF and mysteries and historicals, mostly.  Depending on how many
and which ones I read, she adjusted her next mercy mission to suit.  This
was 1989 and I was in solitary due to infection, with noisy hospital
construction the other side of the wall. 

Books are heavy for invalids, it's true, but the ads we see for Kindle,
holding them out in front of you with no arm support over the time to read a
book, are ludicrous.

Entwife Judy
Who doubts if the status quo is ever well enough to be let alone

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