[LMB] Not so secret police on Barrayar (was: Vor Class Permeability)

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Sat Jan 22 16:25:05 GMT 2011

--- On Sat, 1/22/11, Agnes Charrel-Berthillier <agnes at charrel.net> wrote:

> And really, after skimming through TWA recently, Baz is
> probably the best check we get throughout the series of what
> the average Barrayaran on the street feels when confronted
> with ImpSec (terror) and meeting a Vorkosigan (awe).

But there's nothing average about Baz: he's a deserter.  He ran off to Beta Colony. His viewpoint is skewed. I'd say Kou is more like the average viewpoint.

> Spending all our time in the head of Cordelia, Miles
> or even Ekaterin gives us a very skewed view of Barrayaran
> society...

I'd say the problem isn't so much that it's skewed, but that it's limited.


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