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On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 11:42:17PM +1100, Gwynne Powell wrote:
> > From: Tel teldreaming at gmail.com

Tel> > I ran across a fascinating example recently - a fanfic I translated 
> > from Russian, set in a future alternate universe, has Miles casually 
> > mention that he forcibly annexed Escobar. A surprisingly large 
> > number of comments on the translation were explicitly 
> > amused/approving of this...
Gwynne> Are you seriously saying that we should critique each piece of
> for your version of political correctness? Are we supposed to rip into 
> a writer who steps outside what you consider to be acceptable beliefs?

Damien - Are you saying Miles conquering Escobar is something you'd view
with amusement and approval?

Damien - You keep harping on "your beliefs", like we're being close-minded
for condemening or criticizing behavior we think is morally wrong.  Is there
nothing you'd condemn?  Or is e.g. Ryoval just part of an alternative and
perfectly functional political system?

Damien - Was there anything wrong with the Cetagandan invasion of Barrayar,
other than that they lost?

NEW from JRJ> Well, to be fair, what Tel said was that the tone of much
comment surrounding Russian fanfic on the subject was amused and not
disapproving, IFRC.  She did not specifically say that she herself approved
of it.  Read it again, above.

Generally, I'm a bit impatient with trying to cram Barrayar into some
idealistic mold through personal verbal condemnation, but like to have the
record straight.  

That said, one wonders if, considering Russian history, it is so surprising
that its present generation is not ready to condemn all and every example of
imperium.  Reaction to more recent history might make former glories
attractive, and somewhat explain the Vor series' popularity.

Entwife Judy
Who doubts if the status quo is ever well enough to be let alone

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