[LMB] what is nikki's full name?

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Well, you could buy your own jump ship.

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> >> Is it Nikki Vorsoisson Vorkosigan, or is it still Nikki Vorsoisson? 
> >> Fanfic writers need to know.
> >>

Almost certainly he's still Vorsoisson - that would be in keeping with the
"sons belong to the father's family" meme.  Taking another name would likely
publicly dishonor his father and his father's family.  Remember that Nikki
has already given "his word as a Vorsoisson" to Gregor.  Name changes (for
males) seem almost anti-Vor.
Plus, it would send a confusing message for succession purposes, unless
Miles is planning to make Nikki his heir (which the future jump pilot would
likely have no interest in). 		 	   		  
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