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> NEW from JRJ> Well, to be fair, what Tel said was that the tone of much
> comment surrounding Russian fanfic on the subject was amused and not
> disapproving, IFRC.  She did not specifically say that she herself approved
> of it.  Read it again, above.

I think Damien was responding to Gwynne.

Based on what they do in the books, I see the Barrayaran main
characters as fairly autocratic/militaristic. I don't have a problem
with fanfic portraying them that way - it's actually almost necessary
to do so for them to be in character.

It doesn't impact my enjoyment of the books - I don't need my
protagonists to be perfect. They're human - there's areas where they
excel and areas where they're incredible hypocrites. You don't have to
be a mustache-twirling kitten-drowning villain to do evil. Rather a
lot of very awful things are perpetuated by people convinced it's the
necessary or right thing to do.

> That said, one wonders if, considering Russian history, it is so surprising
> that its present generation is not ready to condemn all and every example of
> imperium.  Reaction to more recent history might make former glories
> attractive, and somewhat explain the Vor series' popularity.

I'm not criticizing the fic at all (over here w/comments for the
curious: http://archiveofourown.org/works/152440).

I like a lot of the fic the Russian fandom produces, because they are
generally more aware of the the, ahem, street-level consequences of
maintaining governments like Barrayar's. And they're fairly evenhanded
- they'll as happily write sympathetic Ceta-viewpoint fic, or
Jacksonian... there was a really interesting Galeni one a while back
where his Komarran classmates kept disappearing...


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