[LMB] FILK Vor Hatred was Vor Class Permeability

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> Tel <teldreaming at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 4:21 PM, Damien Sullivan
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>>> On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 03:59:23PM -0600, Keith Wells wrote:
>>>> Tel, we get. ?You hate the Vor. ?But yours is the decidedly minority
>>>> viewpoint here. ?Most of the rest of us like them, and aren't that 
>>>> concerned
>>>> about the politics because the politics have zero impact on rather we 
>>>> like
>>> I'm with Tel. ?I like the main characters, as long as I don't think
>>> about their social position too much, and I certainly like reading about
>>> them. ?But like the existence of the Vor as a class? ?Hell no.
>> Systems prone to abuse get abused. I read too much about traditional
>> aristocracies to think they should be given real power. There's a
>> reason that countries people want to live in have governments that
>> look nothing like Barrayar's.
>>>>. . . .
>>>. . . .
>>. . . .
> One of my filks-in-progress is entitled "A Barrayaran Revolutionary
> Anthem."

I don't like Barrayar
I don't have a penis between my legs
I don't like Barrayar
And Vor who regard all others as dregs.

I don't like Barrayar
The classes are rigid and set from birth
I don't like Barrayar
Advancement for women there is a dearth.

I don't like Barrayar
Like 1950s in the USA
I don't like Barrayar
It's not a planet where I could play

I don't like Barrayar
A consort's life not appealing to me
I don't like Barrayar
It's a place someone like me cannot be!

> o/~Vor!  What are they good for?
> You can probably figure out where I go from there.  I am not writing
> this as a critique of Gregor-era Barrayaran politics, but as an
> extrapolation of what might happen if Serg the Younger proves to be an
> Alexander III.
> My own impression is that Barrayar is in a transitional period, and
> that while Aral considered himself constrained to leave the basic
> governmental structure as he found it, Gregor may decide that if he can
> work out a constitutional structure without triggering a revolt from the
> Counts, he will do so.  He's picked up the political skills from Aral to
> pull it off.
> Dan, ad nauseam

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