[LMB] Casting ideas

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Sun Jan 23 02:40:12 GMT 2011

Natali wrote:

> > Stephen Lang is general Stanis Meztov for me,
> > body and soul.


> I can see him as Aral, but I agree he'd be a good Metzov,
> too.

I think he'd be much better as Metzov.

> > Steven Culp looks like Illyan, as I imagine him.
> > 
> Martin Freeman seems a better fit for the role, for me. He
> has that  deceptively harmless, background-person aura.

Those actors are fine, but I can't help picturing him as David McCallum.  It's the name.  My mental image is indelible.

> > Tcheky Karyo
> Yes, I can go with this one, I can see him as Aral.

Yes. A winner, there.


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