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> On Jan 22, 2011, at 4:35 PM, Paula Lieberman wrote:
>> I don't like Barrayar
>> Like 1950s in the USA
>> I don't like Barrayar
>> It's not a planet where I could play
> second line is my reaction to mainstream Darkover society, and to the 
> Terrans who show up late in the series. It seemed that there had been 
> absolutely no change in male/female relationships since the late 50's 
> (when she was first published), even on Earth. I was heartily annoyed with 
> that--it became rather tedious as the series went on, and I felt like a 
> point was being driven home with a piledriver. If there was a happy 
> marriage in that series, I don't recall it! It reflected sadly, to me, on 
> MZB's own life.
> Marina

There were some--The Forbidden Tower the resolution included a marriage 
working out that had been having problems, and there was another marriage (a 
twin sister) which was a happy one.

Mostly the happy marriages were HEAs at the ends of books, though the 
characters may have e.g. showed up long after in other books widowed (e.g. 
the lead female in The Winds of Darkover showed up decades later in one or 
two other books, as did the male lead of a book I can remember the name of, 
but it got revised and the revised edition added another major character, 
changed the parentage of the male lead, etc.  -- actually, the revision of 
that book, DID have some changes since the 1950s.... the added character was 
a leronis who was an independent character who had rejected marriage etc. 
and was living as a matrix worker and emancipated female.... I don't 
remember if she was from the family where the lineage traced through the 
female line and the women held power in their own right.

The Shattered Chain was MZB looking back at her own life and in writing sort 
of dealing with e.g. the self-chaining women in e.g. The Door through 
Space....  the last few of her books, she'd been having debilitating 
The marriage of the lead character of 

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