[LMB] OT: Darkover, was FILK Vor Hatred was Vor Class Permeability

Meg Justus mmegaera at nwlink.com
Sun Jan 23 20:15:13 GMT 2011

> Okay, I'll bite.  I never recognized anything of Archie Bunker in my 
> father, born in 1923--but he was a professor at a women's college, so 
> perhaps just a little bit of an outlier. <g>

Mine was born in 1921, and he was prejudiced (grew up white in the US South 
and all), but he was much, *much* quieter about it.  I don't remember anyone 
ever shouting at home when I was growing up.  But then he was an engineer 
and wore suits to the office every day (at least by the time I was old 
enough to remember -- he did start out working in the field).

That bit Pat wrote about the WWII generation just wanting to come home and 
have things be *normal* rings like a bell, though.  My mother (born in 1924, 
married in 1946) still does not deal with anything that rocks the boat at 
all well.


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