[LMB] OT: If only the Cetagandans had operated like this

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Mon Jan 24 00:03:48 GMT 2011

--- On Sun, 1/23/11, Walter Bushell <proto at panix.com> wrote:

> I am trying to imagine "Victorian cola mining".

::Looks slit-eyed at Walter:: It is obviously a typo for 'coal', unless you're trying to be *funny*.  And given that I've just come off a bout of fic-research into Victorian-era mining, I don't want to be funny about it.  (However, anybody wants to go on a murder binge on Victorian-era mine owners?  I'm so there, just let me set up the alibi.)
It strikes me that this postulated scenario is very similar to the way a couple of current violent political groups are currently working, in India and the Middle East.  Demonstrate your care for the people back home and they will back you to the hilt when foreigners come howling for blood.  ("So what if Hamas bombed the Israelis?  Their hospital saved Grandma, Uncle and my younger brother, and the Israelis have never done any good to me!")

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