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> Permeability

> > Really? I though Archie Bunker was core GI Generation like my own father.
> > Maybe Carroll O'Conner was born in 1923, but Archie? He had to have been
> > born in the early 19-teens.
> 1923 would be about right for the USA WWII Generation.

> Would have been 21 for D-Day and 22 for the end of the war.

My Dad, born 1922, enlisted in early 1942, served USAAF as a tail-gunner in Marauders in the Med Theater. Came home and tried to give us kids *the stability he had never had* in the Depression in Connecticut. He knew the way things had been before, and he knew, frankly, that it had sucked. Middle-class stability was never part of his life or memories. He aspired to it, but it was the future, not the past!

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