[LMB] The Birthday Tixie

A. Marina Fournier saffronrose at me.com
Mon Jan 24 14:20:37 GMT 2011

On Jan 24, 2011, at 5:22 AM, mckeownb at optusnet.com.au wrote:
> The Antipodean Deputy Birthday Pixie and her escort appear again. January is quite a busy month.

especially in my birth family! I wanted an October baby, but I believed the misguided creature who said that age (I was 38 or 39 at the time) and even my minor caffeine intake would negatively affect my fertility, and I'd best start practicing soon. So it took me TWO cycles to get pregnant. My mother laughed hard at the story--she could get pregnant very easily--it was *staying* pregnant that was the problem.

> Today is the 24th of January and we are here to celebrate Marina Fournier's 58th birthday.

Nope--I'm Heinz today. Don't worry--I see every birthday as a marker that I beat the odds. I am the product of Rh factor incompatible parents before Rhogam, which ended most miscarriages, stillborn births and deaths soon after birth from that incompatibility. At the time, IF the baby survived birth, then a complete transfusion was called for. My mom being tiny, having smoked before the pregnancy (she *said* she stopped smoking when she knew she was pregnant), and not having gained much weight during pregnancy, my younger sister and I each were transfused at least twice in our first months, until we reached 5 lbs.

It's the main reason I give blood, in spite of hating needles.

> Marina, we all hope that you are having a wonderful day and that there are treats a plenty for you. Small dog and even smaller dog are as usual ever ready to help with any edible treats that may be around.

The real celebration will be put off until my favorite fruits are available for inclusion in pies or cakes, and we have recovered from a couple of unexpected major drains on our budget. Winter birthdays for summer fruit lovers are frustrating.

Our own small dog (Cody, who even eats nori seaweed--and dances in his begging) and even smaller dog (Maxi) are likewise ready for human food treats! I missed the time a friend was playing rare ethnic instruments (I was sleeping late) and Cody sang along.

> Happy Birthday.

Many thanks!

> \As the ADBT and her escort leave she can be heard telling them that yes, it was very good of the Council to ring to check if we had been affected by flooding and if we needed any rubbish collected or any other help at all. 

indeed it was.


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