[LMB] Mini Lois Con's and Western Australia.

I iosef at gothic.net.au
Mon Jan 24 14:51:21 GMT 2011

At 11:25 PM 1/24/2011, Gwynne Powell wrote:

>We have cons?

When a few (2+) of us get together and chat face to face. We are 
organising a Melbourne MLC for Jackies visit here, and a Brisbane one 
for Stacy's visit there. It doesn't require a visitor, so if you want 
to get a Canberra or Sydney one together, suggest it on the LMB-OZ 
list. You may well find takers.

Usually the Melbourne ones take place at an place that serves good 
food/drink. I would guess that others either do the same or take 
place at a Listees home.

I suspect that if Royce does make it down here, there will be a series of them.


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