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Remember last year when those rich guys claimed that they were planning on
giving away half their fortunes to bootstrap poor schlubs like us in

Rob and I were talking about an idea I had that spawned between a report of
the new Governor of CT being interested in pushing the Medical Marijuana
laws in CT soon, and the desire for work for me, and watching the NatGeo
program on medical marijuana.

Do you think that I would have even the ghost of a chance with a proposal
for a grant [loan?] of money to buy or lease a building, set up the
dispensary and set up a grow, and hire the assorted people and pay the
salaries and assorted expenses for 3 years until it was firmly established?
I know 2 people with experience growing, and several very trustworthy people
other than Rob, Chris, our roomie Phlip and I to work in the place in
various posts.

NEW from JRJ> If I had some medical condition that would benefit from it,
medical marijuana seems to be much less harmful than many of the
pharmaceuticals that have caused me so many unwelcome side effects.  I
suspect I wouldn't even like the recreational effects (alcohol buzz just
makes me feel uneasy and out of control).  So certainly there would be no
objection from me.

Further, I would welcome the end of the War on Drugs, which in my opinion is
warping everything from International Politics (burning cash crops, anyone?)
to family dynamics.  There is nothing legalizing and regulating and taxing
drugs can do that would be anything like as harmful as the present War on
Drugs.  Only legalization will remove the high prices of a
prohibited-but-desired product, which drives so much crime and tragedy both
at home and abroad (Mexico, frex).  There are probably estimates out there
of how much diminution of prison population, security, legal, and other
public costs there would be; simply by legalization and taxation,
governments everywhere could pay for regulation and possibly even balance
budgets on all other fronts.  THIS is the answer to the financial crisis,
right in front of our faces.  No need to extort higher taxes on all else,
just give an eager public the chance to pay taxes on something they want.

Did Prohibition of alcohol do any good?  None I ever heard of, except - and
this is important - it proved that Prohibition DOES NOT WORK.  Somebody had
to try it, and the USA was stupid enough to do so.  Now, we're stupid enough
to do the same with drugs.  Sheesh!

So I would welcome your experiment.  Further, if you can incorporate in some
legal way, so that I wouldn't risk losing my old-age security, I would
invest in some sort of LLC - not much, just a token amount really, because I
don't have much.  Perhaps others would do the same.  Many were probably
hoping that California would legalize and tax something druggish, in order
to save their budget with fresh revenue.  ENORMOUS revenue (fools!).

Do I think you would succeed?  Er...  But somebody has to try.  Somebody has
to be first.  Usually, that somebody has an unusual circumstance that gives
them a chance, and then they have to be lucky.  The time when somebody might
succeed is getting ever closer, and you might be it.

Entwife Judy
Who doubts if the status quo is ever well enough to be let alone

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